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an ebook by Habib William Kherbek, May 2020


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'this book is like totally amazing.'
– theresia enzensberger, author of blueprint

Donna Quesada, known to her fans as Donna Dulce, is on a quest to produce the greatest content the web has ever seen. Her vlog, Donna Dulce’s Delicious Dinners, has elevated her from unknown avocado-poster to tier-1 influencer with dizzying speed. Join Donna and her sidekick, the faithful Pansy Szabo, as they livestream their rise to the top. Whether they’re doing a ride-along at the camel races in Dubai, facing off against Special Branch during protests at threatened Scottish wind farms, or tracking down their own lost inspirations in the mountains of Spain, they never take a day off - except when it’s time for self-care. Sometimes, the story doesn’t always turn out as Donna expects it to, but that’s just part of the fun. After all, every post is a journey. Every day is a new adventure.

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