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September 2019

the thing is .mov

a video by Margarethe Kollmer, September 2019


currently not available for purchase


"unprotected data becomes cyber-porn drama"

'The Thing Is' is a semi-fictional 3d animation that combines transferred images of internet porn with blog post text fragments that ask for guidance. Surreal effects occur due to the translation of material, renegotiating boundaries of bodies and distinct meanings. Additional imagery is taken from public parks, representing public space in its physical form. With the anthropomorphic figures remaining completely motionless, the camera is the only actor. In this way the work investigates questions of agency and objectification in a hyper-surveilled environment.

'The Thing Is’ comprises a 30 min film version that creates a coherent narration from the material, a series of autonomous clips that can be shown separately and 3D prints of the figures in the animation.