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September 2021

Stygian Hand .art

NFT by Auriea Harvey, September 2021


10.0 ETH
token 1 / 1  
1 ERC721 token


Auriea Harvey’s work is often about engagement with a particular story, in which the artist casts 3D scans of her body or others into characters. In 'Stygian Hand', Harvey depicts a first version digital sculpture from her series Finding the Eye, which retells the story of the Stygian Witches of Greek mythology. Named Deino, Enyo, and Pemphredo, these three sisters had but one eye and one tooth between them which they shared. Here the viewer finds the hand of a grotesque cthonic elder ossified to stone, holding a petrified eyeball.

Presented for display in this show as an interactive augmented reality web installation of a 3D sculpture, Stygian Hand is collectable as an expanded internet artwork via a standard artist website sales contract. Collector will be transfered the DNS registration for the online public artwork, and once acquired 100 limited printable editions of Stygian Hand will become available on Shapeways as an acessible artist multiple for apprecitaion.

About The Purchase

The Token ID points to a display copy of the artwork. The full collector package, is exclusively available through a private link that can only be transferred via the previous collector, TRANSFER, or left.gallery.

Medium: HTML Webpage with 3D sculptural elements. The work is augmented reality accessible and includes a 3D-printed sculpture for up to 100 collectors, who must initially claim it for an additional fee.

Edition For Sale: 01/01

Preventative Conservation

Collectors are encouraged to retain a full archival package for this work, which can be requested from TRANSFER at the time of purchase and may include: thumb drives containing the work, high-resolution, uncompressed, lossless video and audio codecs, exhibition copies and a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. In lieu of the full archival package, collectors are encouraged to download and preserve the digital collector's package on at least two external hard drives of their choice, stored in two separate geographic locations. Files should be migrated to new external hard drives every 3-5 years.


Installation details: The Owner is permitted to install and display the Work according to Artist’s specifications.

If produced with the studio, the unique 3D sculptural element should be displayed in any capacity that allows for the object to be perceived as floating, but is not invasive to the work.

The webpage or indexical video can be publicly displayed without the tangible sculpture but the tangible sculpture cannot be publicly displayed without the webpage or indexical video.

Virtual Display: When displayed, the webpage can be viewed on screen with or without user interaction, at the discretion of the Owner. Owner should be mindful of resolution and size, so that they may avoid distorting the work.

Only in extenuating circumstances, where there are no options to display the networked version of the work, should the indexical video be privately or publicly displayed. The QR code is accessible from the webpage to access the augmented reality version of the 3D Model.

Under no circumstances may the 3D model be used for fabrication and/or displayed separately.

Collector will make best effort to contact Artist (and/or representatives of the Artist) for loans with public exhibition displays, to approve installation design.

The following equipment is necessary to display the virtual work: The minimum requirements to run the virtual work are a computational environment that is connected to the internet, with a modern web browser ( Ex: As of 2021, Chrome 93.0.4577.42 for Windows, linux and Mac), and single-channel audio playback capabilities.

Recommended displays are gaming PC desktop environment setup, immersive projection with mouse pad for user input, touchscreen devices 50” or larger, or similar sized screens connected to mouse pad for user input.

The screen should be no smaller than 32” for display, although under necessary circumstances can fall below this minimum.

Audio should be clearly perceptible from the location of the control device for the work. If there is interfering audio in the installation space, wireless headphones or directional audio speakers are preferred.


The Artist or their estate retains copyright of the work, and of all images of the work.

Transfer of Ownership

The Work, its smart contract, and this statement of Rights & Obligations must accompany any assignment or sale of the Work. The Seller must contact the artist to complete resale compensation. The Seller is obligated to confirm 10% of gross sale price has been paid to the Artist, and deliver the archival package to the Purchaser in order to complete title transfer for this artwork.

If a certified 3D printed sculptural version of the work is produced, the print must be transferred with all accompanying documentation and provided hard drive. If the sculptural object cannot be transferred to Purchaser, it should be returned to the Artist (and/or representatives of the Artist).