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January 2022

Spike Art Magazine Covers .pdf

NFT by Spike Art Magazine, January 2022


0.1 ETH
token 60 / 70  
1 ERC721 token


Spike Art Magazine has been a propulsive force in the art world for 70 issues over 15 years. Coinciding with the launch of Spike #70, an issue dedicated to Web3, Spike created unique NFTs of every magazine cover from throughout the publication’s history.

Covers will be minted in order, one after the other, with only one of each available. N.b. that you cannot pick a specific cover at the moment of minting (but if you want, you can buy them all… )

The cover of Spike #70, “Web3”, will be auctioned before minting of the other 69 covers begins. All other covers will be sold for a fixed price of 0.1 ETH and minted in chronological order.