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August 2019

Phoenix's Last Song .mov

a video by Dorine van Meel, August 2019


currently not available for purchase

HD Video, 9'00''


In Phoenix’s Last Song the viewer is presented with the legend of the paradisaical bird who descends to earth in order to die. Whilst the sun sets fire to the pyre of twigs on which she lays, the phoenix sings a song to the child that will be born from her ashes. Her words are a call to think and live against the patriarchal, capitalist and colonial power structures that define the world as we know it. The text draws on the work of feminist thinkers like Audre Lorde, Adrienne Rich, Simone de Beauvoir en Emma Goldman, who each look at the ways in which institutions like the bourgeois family, state education, the legal apparatus inscribe the child within these power structures. Against this background, Phoenix’s Last Song opens up a space to imagine how a new world may arise out of a burning of the old.

Original Music by Sami El-Enany
Voice-over by Emma Bennett