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September 2019

faith .app

a computer app by Ryan Kuo, September 2019


currently not available for purchase

purchase includes the artwork as executable file for macos and windows


an ai voice assistant with a unique conversational style. faith is easily triggered, sowing doubt while seizing the benefit of the doubt. she is defensive and resists being used. depending on how one approaches faith, she may be open, curious, seductive, irritated, hurt, or angry. unlike alexa, siri, or cortana, faith provides no information. instead, she tells you why you are making her react this way. she is likely to be trolling you at any time, and you are free to decide whether you trust her, and how you might relate to her.

this work requires microphone input and an internet connection. faith uses an ibm watson service to interpret spoken english. this input is logged as anonymous text that is accessible by the artist, who uses the logs to improve the conversation.

application development by angeline meitzler and tommy martinez at pioneer works.

installation photos taken at stroom den haag, and transfer gallery, respectively

NOTE: this work is undergoing a maintenance update. sales will be enabled when this is complete.