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June 2020

empathi .cc

a website by Raphaël Bastide, June 2020


currently not available for purchase

in the source code, A <div> named after the name of your choice


The ability to understand and share other people’s feelings and problems is known as empathy. On the web page empathi.cc, a graphic element can be moved and mimic graphic attributes from its neighbors. In the piece, this style transfer is considered as a technical equivalent of empathy, where the distance between objects triggers graphic mutations. Consequently, the main graphic element gets affected by an accumulating memory of style properties depending on its path. a synthetic echolocation system produces sounds that evolve with the distance variables. this piece has an auto-play mode.

Each sale will result in either the attribution of an existing gaphic object, or the addition of a new graphic object in the page, with which it will be possible to interact.
10 existing objects can be named after the buyer’s choice
20 new object can be created and named after the buyer’s choice