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November 2019

calendars.earth & phrasal clock .saver

a screensaver by Micah Schippa, November 2019


currently not available for purchase

purchase includes two screensavers for macos


"time moves faster the closer you are to the center of the earth. universal time: the radical plan to destroy time zones, is there a universal time? invent your own..."

this project highlights the multitude of calendars that exist in the world, besides the gregorian. the artist aims to remind us that time is as diverse as the minds that perceive it, and that is is impossible to give an exhaustive overview of time, because there are sure to be countless calendars that have been lost completely.

additionally, the artist includes a "phrasal clock", built on a unique poetic metric whereby each second, minute, hour, day, and month is given an individual name.

technical assistance by jacob lindgren and harm van den dorpel

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