left gallery
September 2008

Appearance 3 .tiff

NFT by Harm van den Dorpel, September 2008


currently not available for purchase

one digital image (3264×2448px, 8bit RGB)


Appearance 3 is a digitally manipulated found photograph, augmented with an abstract 3D form created by the artist in Photoshop. In this work, van den Dorpel inserts his own vision into a banal, non-place landscape; adding color and dimension to an otherwise nondescript scene. In the age of augmented reality, any physical space becomes a playground for creators—allowing them to transform even the most seemingly mundane or cryptic environments into rich, three-dimensional canvases for exploration. What results is a new world emerging through the digital, one that is created by artists and made real via recirculation through the metaverse.

– text by Wade Wallerstein