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April 2021

The Gate .GLB

NFT by Kumbirai Makumbe, April 2021


5.0 ETH
token 1 / 1  
purchase includes:
GLB, DAE, Silver-glazed ceramic sculpture, Owner's rights and obligations


The Gate (2020) is Makumbe's second born. They’re a threshold, a portal even, both literally and metaphorically inspired by threshold concepts. They also exist both Materially/physically and digitally. A threshold concept can be considered to be like a portal, opening up a new and previously inaccessible way of thinking about something. It represents a transformed way of understanding, or interpreting, or viewing something without which the individual cannot progress.

Medium: Silver-glazed ceramic sculpture, 3D model (Variable)

Dimensions: Variable

Edition: 1+1AP

Preventative Conservation

Collectors are encouraged to retain a full archival package for this work, which can be requested from TRANSFER at the time of purchase and may include: thumb drives containing the work, high-resolution, lossless, uncompressed codecs, exhibition copies and a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. In lieu of the full archival package, collectors are encouraged to download and preserve the digital collector's package on at least two external hard drives of their choice, stored in two separate geographic locations. Files should be migrated to new external hard drives every 3-5 years.


Collectors should be mindful of resolution and size, so that they may avoid distorting the work. Under no circumstances can the file(s) be edited. Collector acknowledges that if they do not choose to purchase an archival package, they may not be receiving work at its highest quality output.


The Artist or their estate retains copyright of the work, and of all images of the work.

Transfer of Ownership

The work and all contents of the collector package must accompany any assignment or sale of the work. The Seller must contact the artist to complete resale compensation. The seller is obligated to confirm 50% of gross sale price has been paid to the artist and deliver the full archival package to the purchaser in order to complete title transfer for this artwork.

Seller must be in direct contact with collector to facilitate transport of the silver-glazed, ceramic sculpture