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April 2021

Succulents in Early Spring, Kalanchoe Waldheimii .TIFF

NFT by Travess Smalley, April 2021


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TIFF, JPEG, Owner's rights and obligations, Unique print available upon request, produced directly from the artist studio (Additonal production costs covered by the purchaser.)


In Succulents in Early Spring, Kalanchoe Waldheimii, Smalley hypermediates a singular moment in time by using digital editing techniques to process, compress, transform, extract, and dilate a digital photograph. The image object that was originally printed at a Walgreens is transformed through Smalley’s practice of Photoshop painting. This painting, an abstraction of the original digital photograph, was printed out, rescanned, and color-corrected a number of times. The resulting artwork, an expanded media artifact whose pixels burst web-browser windows at the seams, makes visible the unique visual logic of contemporary imaging software and the specific affordances of a liminal materiality. This work is meant to be downloaded and inspected closely at fullscreen.

About The Purchase

The Token ID points to a display copy of the artwork. The full collector package is exclusively available through a private link that can only be transferred via the previous collector, TRANSFER, or left.gallery.

Medium: TIFF

Dimensions: 12646 x 9426 px

Edition For Sale: 01/01

Preventative Conservation

Collectors are encouraged to retain a full archival package for this work, which can be requested from TRANSFER at the time of purchase and may include: thumb drives containing the work and a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. In lieu of the full archival package, collectors are encouraged to download and preserve the digital collector's package on at least two external hard drives of their choice, stored in two separate geographic locations. Files should be migrated to new external hard drives every 3-5 years.


Collectors should be mindful of resolution and size, so that they may avoid distorting the work. Under no circumstances can the file(s) be edited. Collector acknowledges that if they do not choose to purchase an archival package, they may not be receiving work at its highest quality output.


The Artist or their estate retains copyright of the work, and of all images of the work.

Transfer of Ownership

The work and all contents of the collector package must accompany any assignment or sale of the work. Seller must contact artist to complete resale compensation. The seller is obligated to confirm 50% of gross sale price has been paid to the artist and deliver the full archival package to the purchaser in order to complete title transfer for this artwork.