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April 2021

Human Abecedary: Intra-Letters .mp4

NFT by Viktor Timofeev, April 2021


all 26 edition(s) sold out
purchase includes:
one letter (A-Z) assigned to you by chance


Each one of the twenty-six letters of the Roman alphabet, individually arranged in a seamless loop, sixty-four permutations per letter, one second at a time.

This is the core mechanic underpinning the “unsteady” writing system Timofeev developed and used in this recent exhibition DOG at Interstate Projects, New York. Each letter is divided up into four quadrants, which rotate and swap around in a choreographic manner divided in pairs – tops and bottoms. Horizontal symmetry is preserved in order to maximize the potential for “accidental” imagery to emerge. This system generates sixty-four glyphs per letter, creating the illusion of an asemic writing system that is in fact, generated from itself.

each video is 2:11, 1920×1080, 60 fps, mp4 with ticking clock sound

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