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what is left gallery?

we are a contemporary art gallery and we commission, produce and sell downloadable objects ie. files.
we don't have a showroom but we do occasionally organize launch events. our office is in berlin.

what's in the box?

there is no box and there is no shipment.

immediately after you complete your purchase you will receive an email with a link to download your file. this link will expire after 5 downloads.

how can i prove i own an authorized copy?

the fact that you own a particular edition of a particular work is timestamped onto a public, secure database called the blockchain. you could think of the blockchain as a decentralized, independent 3rd party registry, based on consensus, not power.

to store and retrieve your file and process your ownership, we partner with ascribe. after your purchase you will receive a link to claim the ownership of your authorized copy. through their service you can also download your certificate of authenticity with a built-in cryptographic signature.

can i make copies of my purchase?

we strongly oppose DRM. we believe that when you legally own software, music, etc. it's your right to do with it whatever you want.

even though there is nothing preventing you from making copies of your file, we urge you to not redistribute. if you want to share the work, please encourage others to support the artist and left gallery and to purchase their own authorized copy.

can i resell my file?

yes you can. the certificate of authenticity is proof that you are allowed to sell a file and that it’s authenticated content.

how do you determine prices?

for most works we use a progressive pricing formula:
early adopters pay less.

i have another question

please don't hesitate to send us an email if you have further questions